The fire of the nuclear power plant on the shore of the English channel happened due to overheating of the fan. Unit # 1 stopped

The incident at the nuclear power plant in Haubourdin in the North of France can be considered «technical», said the prefect of La Manche Jacques Witkowski. This is reported by RFI.

The police assumes that overheating has occurred in one of the fans of the machine room that caused the fire.

Law enforcement officers did not consider the possibility of «malicious act».

Currently, the fire station is completely eliminated.

As said Witkowski, the explosion occurred at 09:40 local time, plant workers were able to quickly eliminate that then, he stated arrived on NPP fire brigade.

As a result of the fire five workers of the plant received minor carbon monoxide poisoning, and other victims. Due to the ignition of the engine room No. 1 has been disconnected from the power grid. The production of electricity from the first reactor is stopped.

The Prefecture of La Manche said that after the meltdown of the government has not introduced a plan of evacuation, as the risk of nuclear explosion no. Surveyed media fire services confirmed that the fire occurred after the explosion, is far from the reactors.

In turn, AFP has named the preliminary cause of explosion in the engine room of a nuclear power plant short-circuit.

As noted by the chief of staff rescue operation Olivier Marmion, five people got a little intoxication, but to their health already threatens nothing.

«This is a significant technical event, but not a nuclear accident,» said Marmion.

«Because the explosion happened outside the nuclear zone,» he added.


According to open sources, the nuclear power plant in Haubourdin is one of the oldest operating nuclear power plants in France. Its construction began in 1978 and ended in 1984. Since 1985, the first reactor began producing power in 1986, was running second. Each reactor generates electricity to 1,300 megawatts.

In 2007 in Haubourdin, nachaloto the construction of new generation reactor EPR. According to the plans it needs to be run in 2012, but its construction was much more expensive, therefore the start is postponed until 2018. The total cost of construction of the third reactor is estimated at € 10.5 billion.

The lifetime of the first two reactors – 40 years – is not over yet. However, in France a debate about the closure of the plant in Haubourdin, as in its construction were used the old technology with less security level. Earlier it was planned that the question of the continued use of nuclear power plant in Haubourdin will be decided by the state Commission after the Office of nuclear safety (ASN) will conduct an inspection of the reactors. The next inspection is scheduled for 2017-2018.

The fire of the nuclear power plant on the shore of the English channel happened due to overheating of the fan. Unit # 1 stopped 10.02.2017

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