The Financial Times called Merkel’s man of the year

German Chancellor Angela Merkel became the man of the year by the newspaper The Financial Times. The editorial office of the German policy awarded the honorary title for his role in the suppression of the migration crisis. Last week Time magazine also put Merkel in first place in the ranking of the main people in the world.

As noted by The Financial Times, the head of Germany did not become close to the German border from waves of refugees, as would many conservatives. From careful, consistent Chancellor, ten years heading the country, Merkel a few weeks turned into a policy with a bold belief. As notes the edition, it is not clear, justified migration course leader of Germany.

If this happens, Merkel will go down in history as one of the greatest chancellors, writes the FT. The head of Germany will leave behind «an equally strong heritage as her mentor, former Chancellor Helmut Kohl who oversaw German reunification and the creation of the single European currency», says the newspaper.

Merkel claims that migrants «enrich the cultural life of Germany» and urged fellow citizens to be guided by Christian principles. «Let us have the courage to say that we are Christians. Let us have the courage to say that we will conduct dialogue with Muslims,» said the Chancellor in one of his speeches.

Article in FT highlights that over its immigration policy, Merkel has been repeatedly criticized, including by his party colleagues from the Christian democratic Union. The Chancellor was accused of negligence, arrogance, and complacency, warning that the influx of migrants could destroy the country.

Earlier, Merkel called Time magazine. The publication noted that under her leadership, Germany will rescue Greece from bankruptcy and to combat intolerance against migrants. It promotes humanity, generosity and tolerance. Merkel became the first woman in 30 years to receive the title of «man of the year» by Time magazine, RBC says.

According to statistics, Germany remains the most attractive country in Europe for migrants. According to the office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees, in 2014 the country ranked first in the number of applications for asylum (173 100). The German authorities have actively opposed the growth of anti-Islamic sentiment in German society.

By the end of November, in Germany arrived 965 thousand refugees. The end of the year the number of migrants may exceed one million, five times more than last year.

The Financial Times called Merkel’s man of the year 14.12.2015

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