The Finance Ministry announced about the threat of a procedure for the automatic VAT refund

The initiative for a full system start-up risks on VAT refunds has faced a number of problems in recent days, the press service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

It is noted that in the last three months the Ministry of Finance and State fiscal service has worked actively to develop the system which gives the opportunity to eradicate one of the largest schemes associated with the leaching of funds from the budget through the so-called twisting – the scheme of plunder of the VAT, which leads to the loss of billions of hryvnia per month.

The launch of this system was necessary in order to permit an automatic refund of VAT. The Ministry emphasizes that the delay in this initiative will lead to the implementation of numerous corrupt deals, and will jeopardize the process of automatic reimbursement of value added tax.

«Now actually suspended registration only 1.1% of tax bills. This is a far better result than expected of 2-2. 5% (according to results of test system mode). For the balance simultaneously with the full launch of the system of risks in force another initiative – registered tax invoice is sufficient grounds to qualify for the tax credit. Now, in fact 99% of taxpayers use this right. Incorporated into the system algorithm performs the task and stops the registration of the «scheme» of tax bills that account for the lion’s share of all tax bills stopped», – reported in the Ministry of Finance.

At the same time, as noted in a press-service, «according to the risk criteria were indeed suspended the registration of certain tax bills of taxpayers in the real sector of the economy.»

«We knew that such a risk exists. To resolve this problem was also inherent in the algorithm. In particular, a one-time filing of additional information in the form routing to the payer once and for all removes a potential problem payers of the real sector», – stated in the message.

It is noted that operational risks have endangered the operation of the system.

The unsatisfactory functioning of the electronic Cabinet, reinforced by the consequences of a hacker attack on the systems of the SFS, together with the low efficiency of transmission of documents in paper form from the regions to the Commission, was caused by a low speed issues of registration of tax invoices.

In this regard, as of July 13 was only made 68 decisions, of which 13 – registration of tax invoices.

The greatest number of tax bills stopped in Kiev – at 19 986 1136 payers, Dnipropetrovsk region – 5783 for 498 payers and Kharkiv region – 5501 for 318 payers.

The Ministry of Finance has prepared the assignment of GFS to eliminate the operational deficiencies of the electronic taxpayer Cabinet and other operational issues.

In Ukraine 27 June was recorded a large-scale cyber attack, «virus-extortionist» paralyzed computer networks at banks, media, trade organizations, postal services, public institutions. The name of the virus that encrypt files on the hard drive of all computers in the infected network, Petya.A.

On 13 July, the Parliament adopted the law on exemption of taxpayers from penalties for late registration tax and excise invoices during the period 1 to 30 June.

The Finance Ministry announced about the threat of a procedure for the automatic VAT refund 17.07.2017

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