The film Groundhog predicts an early but prolonged spring

Early but prolonged spring predicted popular in Kharkiv four-legged weather forecaster — Groundhog Timka, together with other animals lives in a kennel at the biological station of Kharkov national University.Karazin in zmiivskyi district. As it should be for such prediction, the film is not seen outdoors of his shadow, UKRINFORM reported.

«The behavior of a Groundhog on this day to judge the proximity of spring: if the day is cloudy, like today, the Groundhog sees its shadow, and quietly leaves the burrow, it means winter will soon end and spring will come early. If the day is Sunny, the Groundhog sees his shadow and, frightened her, hiding back, we can expect six more weeks of winter. That is, judging by today’s reaction of the Article, spring this year has almost begun, but it will be protracted, even with a slight decrease of temperature», — commented on the fact the head of the biological station, doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Viktor tokarsky.

As for the Groundhog of the Article, right at the ceremony by students of the University.Karazin him as infallible forecaster awarded a master’s diploma.

A few facts from the life of furry master: this is the Second film, he announced himself in 2012, he was 5 years old, he has a girlfriend, and this year his family was enriched with four kids, including one black, unlike the red brothers.

Groundhog day is celebrated at the biological station of the University.Karazin Kharkiv national University on February 2, 2004 for example Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania (USA), where the Groundhog Phil at the time was nicknamed the world’s weatherman.

The film Groundhog predicts an early but prolonged spring 02.02.2016

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