The film «Captives» about the shootings on the Maidan will be released in late February

The documentary «Prisoners» 45-year-old filmmaker Volodymyr tykhyy February 25, goes in the Ukrainian car. It is reported

«This is a positive cinema research, which exposes a lot in the event of execution of Heavenly one hundred. The viewer must remember those days, to purify and let go,» says producer Igor savychenko about the film.

The authors call it a documentary detective. The main character Alexander — the student biologist from Kharkov. In February 2014 he took out the wounded and dead from Institutskaya street. During these bloody events in the corridor the October Palace Sasha saw the soldier of internal troops. Like himself, the black soot from burned tires, dead tired and confused twenty year old guy. Coaxing him to lay down their arms and go to the side of the protesters, Alexander realizes the absurdity of what is happening around. A few months after the Revolution of Dignity the hero returns to his ordinary life. Go on expeditions to Ukraine, investigates the migration of bats. Looking for a same age in parallel, which met in October.

«Young educated person wonder what happened to that soldier for a year, from a sociological point of view. Sasha then traveled to Kramatorsk, Mariupol. Eventually, the soldier finds a home in the village in nikolayevshchina. Already he was discharged. Between them is a certain reconciliation, continues Savychenko. — In the ribbon, a fairly easy glance at the events of late February 2014. Strange film, sometimes even funny. However this is to convey emotion to the public».

«Not to say that in «Prisoners» is distributed Homeric laughter. Tells the main character terrible things, but with humor. When the viewer watches such a reaction on the negative, we do not expect the negativity. Comes cleansing,» says the Director.

The music for the film «Captives» created the group «Okean Elzy».

Earlier it was reported that the film «Winter in the fire» are interested in the American film industry in the context of the possibility of shooting new films about Ukraine. «Winter fire» is shooting 28 operators-lovers, which was recorded on camera Kiev 93 day winter in 2013-2014. The chronicle of the Ukrainian revolution includes recordings from the event and interviews with protesters. Recently the band was nominated for the award «Oscar» in the category «Best documentary», and in September 2015 at the international film festival in Toronto was awarded the audience Award as best documentary.

The film «Captives» about the shootings on the Maidan will be released in late February 12.02.2016

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