The FBI found that the work of the Ukrainian power companies were stopped by Russian hackers

U.S. officials first confirmed the involvement of Russian hackers for a successful attack on the power grid of Ukraine in December last year, according to February 12, 2016 with reference to CNN. According to the broadcaster, this was stated by the Deputy Minister of energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall at a closed industry meeting.

«CNN notes that the Ukrainian investigation of the incident was attended by a number of government agencies: the FBI, the state Department, the energy Ministry and the Ministry of national security. So much attention was due to the fact that if the suspicions are confirmed, the incident is the first large-scale and successful hacker attack directed against the civilian population. During the attack, the hackers managed to shut down more than 100 settlements», — stated in the message.

The official representative of Sherwood-Randall confirmed the fact of the briefing, but refused to provide information because of its specificity. A source told CNN that during the presentation the Deputy head of the Ministry of energy, in particular, showed the footage from the screens, which monitored the state of the power grid of Ukraine in the course of the attack. At the briefing it was noted that the hackers managed to damage the computer and control system, which greatly complicated the task of restoration of power supply.

Note that in early January the American newspaper the Washington Post claimed that the attack was carried out by using the BlackEnergy virus, which in 2013 was used to infiltrate NATO systems and European governments. Then in both of the attacks have accused the group of hackers named Sandworm, whose interests, according to The Washington Post, «coincided with the interests of the Russian authorities».

Sources CNN, however, stress that the Ukrainian power grid brought down «a new and more destructive virus».

On December 23, Ukraine faced large-scale blackouts in several regions. Hackers successfully attacked six energy companies.

The SBU was accused of attacking Russia, about the same writing, and the U.S. media, but U.S. officials refrained from accusations, indicating that the collected data «insufficient».

January 20, the state company «Ukrenergo» reported the next attack.

The FBI found that the work of the Ukrainian power companies were stopped by Russian hackers 12.02.2016

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