The external debt of Russia has reached a critical level

The ratio of Russia’s external debt to GDP peaked in 2004 – 42%. This is stated in the message of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, writes finclub.

Reportedly, at the end of 2015, the year the figure was 39%, in 2014 — 29%, in 2013 — 33%. Foreign debt security foreign exchange earnings fell to 12-year low.

According to the regulator, by the end of September the total debt of 1.57 times annual revenues from exports of goods and services, which fell to its lowest level since 2005 (279 billion dollars).

Thus the service received on the West loans (interest payments and repayment) at the end of the third quarter was supposed to leave 40% of the total foreign exchange inflows from exports.

According to the methodology of the International monetary Fund and the audit chamber, this value is above the critical threshold of 25%.

The Central Bank said that the critical threshold for external debt of the Russian Federation is all the last 12 years, from the data of the Central Bank: in 2015, the year his services were worth 32% of all foreign exchange earnings in Russia, and in 2007 — 44%.

At the end of last year, the external debt of the Russian Federation increased by 0.05% to almost $ 519 billion. In terms of per capita, this amount is 3.54 of thousand dollars.

The external debt of Russia has reached a critical level 09.02.2017

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