The explosion of high-rise buildings in Sumy: crazy pensioner pleaded guilty

In Sumy in the bombing of apartment buildings in the suspected 59-the summer pensioner who lived in the apartment on the 7th floor of: he admitted his guilt.

About this UNIAN reported the press Secretary of the Prosecutor of the Sumy area Natalya Naumenko.

«Immediately after the tragedy, the suspect in the bombing was questioned. The guilt he fully admitted, providing an affidavit. Said that after a family quarrel deliberately opened the valves kitchen gas stoves, and when I saw that gas ostensibly comes out of it slowly, and even disconnected with the key gas pipe, then settled down in the far corner of the room, holding in hand a cigarette,» — said Naumenko.

According to her, because the suspect is under constant psychiatrist with the appropriate diagnosis, the representatives of law enforcement agencies now check submitted information.

According to Naumenko, the apartment on the 7th floor the man lived more than 20 years, the last time – himself. The family of the pensioner belonged to another apartment on the 4th floor. Neighbors say that the man was periodically consumed alcohol and acted aggressively against residents. Threatening to blow up the house to his apartment no one went, people were constantly heard, but not taken seriously.

According to the Department of communication of the police of the Sumy region, in the result of explosion the man was injured and hospitalized in the intensive care Department of Sumy regional clinical hospital with head injuries and thermal burns of the face, head, chest, hands, feet — total area of about 20% of the body surface of 1-2 degrees.

Killed his neighbor, who lived on the floor below, 64-the summer pensioner.

The scene in the Sumy regional clinical hospital of a family who lived in a neighboring apartment: a 59-year-old owner of the home, her 31-year-old daughter and two young grandchildren, boys aged 9 and 7 years. Doctors have provided them with necessary assistance.

«The scene evacuated a 64 a resident of the house, the resettlement of people is involved in city government. Our employees provide protection of a public order and security of damaged homes to prevent the building of unauthorized persons and to prevent possible looting», — commented the head of Glamourousone of national police in the Sumy region, Mykola Lushpenko.

Meanwhile, this morning held a meeting of the city Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations, which was held by the mayor of Sumy Alexander Lysenko. The Commission has identified the accident as an emergency site level.

Soon Lysenko informed that the relevant services commissioned to conduct a technical examination of the condition of the damaged apartments of 4th entrance, and to determine the future of their operation and the amount of work required.

Also on the scene will be allowed the authorities to resume the supply of coolant, water, gas. In particular, it is planned to partially start heating until the end of the day, and the injured part is to loop the coolant. The damages caused by the explosion, will determine the special Commission.

Immediately after the meeting held a meeting with Lysenko residents whose apartments were damaged after the explosion (after, of about 50). Were identified with their priority needs, and issues will be resolved together with the city services.

The relatives of the deceased can arrange the funeral.

As reported in the city of Sumy on Tuesday, January 3, at 20.14 in a ten-storied house on the street of Metallurgists, 24, an explosion occurred — previously, domestic gas. The woman was lost. In the fourth entrance of the house was destroyed overlappings between floors 6-7, damaged floors between the floors 5-6, 7-8, interior walls, Windows of the house from the 5th to 8th floor Windows of the neighboring houses, and vehicles were in the yard. Serotonine got 5 apartments.

These data today, January 4, entered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under part 2 of article 194 (intentional destruction or damage of another’s property which has entailed heavy consequences) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

At the scene deployed the mobile unit of heating. Evacuated 33 residents of the house and their subsequent resettlement. The building is home to 432 residents, of which were in need of resettlement 101 people: 48 people evacuated to hotels, and the remaining 53 people moved to their relatives. For the works involved 212 people and 33 units of equipment.

The explosion of high-rise buildings in Sumy: crazy pensioner pleaded guilty 04.01.2017

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