The ex-wives a novel a novel with the photographer

The former wife of film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk Svetlana Bondarchuk had an affair with photographer Sergey Tabunov. This writes Starhit.

Relationship 49-year-old Bondarchuk and 37-year-old photographer began as a friendship, but later changed the character.

Producer Michael drujan, a friend of the couple, in comments to the publication Starhit confirmed that they’re having an affair.

Insiders said that Bondarchuk and Herds spend time together, go on holiday, visit cafes and bars and «understand each other perfectly».

Bondarchuk in an interview with Tatler admitted that she likes it when with a woman is a handsome young man, since nature is so constituted that woman reveals at a more Mature age, and at this point, the same age or someone older has come to nothing ready.

Publication «Express Gazeta» said that a few years develops an affair with her dentist.

Blogger and journalist Bozena of Rynska said Bondarchuk long ago got a new personal life.

The ex-wives a novel a novel with the photographer 27.12.2017

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