The ex-commander of «Berkut» Gardener hiding in the Crimea — the GPU

The former commander of specrate «Berkut» Dmitry Gardener, who is suspected of crimes against Euromaidan, hiding in anneksirovat Russia Crimea. On the 21 of February in the air of ICTV channel said the head of the special missions division of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk, referring to operational data, write Ukrainian news.

«According to operational data, he is in Simferopol,» — said Gorbatyuk.

According to him, the majority of the former employees of «Berkut» suspected in the killings of activists of the Euromaidan in 2014, hiding on the territory of Russia.

As you know, October 3, 2014, the company commander of special purpose «Berkut» at research Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev Dmitry Gardener suspected of involvement in the murder of 39 protesters on Maidan, escaped from house arrest.

On September 19, the judge of Pechersky district court of Kiev changed the Gardener measure of restraint from detention to house arrest.

On 24 September, the Prosecutor General’s office opened proceedings regarding the judge under part 1 of article 375 (decision by a judge knowingly unjust judgement, decision, decree or order) UCF and has filed an appeal against the court decision.

On 6 October the court of Appeal of Kyiv cancelled the decision of Pechersky regional court about house arrest of the Gardener and granted the PGO’s request on taking him into custody.

Ex-special forces soldier declared wanted. The lawyer commander «Berkut» stated that his client had stolen to destroy.

Then it was reported that the Gardener may hide in the Crimea.

The HCP stated that there is evidence that the Gardener led the ex-Berkut officers Sergey Zinchenko and Paul Abroskin, which is located in Kiev jail they are accused in the shooting of 39 activists of Euromaidan.

In February 2016 Svyatoshinsky district court of Kyiv extended until February 26, the detention of ex-employees of «Berkut» Alexander marinchenko, Temtory Sergei and Oleg Janiszewski, accused in the shooting death of 48 activists of the Euromaidan.

Also, the court sent the materials of the criminal proceedings against Janiszewski, Temtory and marynchenko for Association with the case of former soldiers of «Berkut» Sergey Zinchenko and Paul Abroskin, the trial against whom for almost a year examines the Svyatoshinskiy district court.

The ex-commander of «Berkut» Gardener hiding in the Crimea — the GPU 22.02.2016

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