The European Union strengthened sanctions against DPRK

The European Union has strengthened sanctions against the DPRK in accordance with the latest resolutionadopted by the UN Security Council. This was reported on the website of the EU Council.

According to the document, it is planned strengthening of the ban on export to the DPRK of any petroleum products. The allowed quota of export reduced from 2 million bpd to 0.5 million barrels per year.

It is also forbidden to import from the DPRK food and agricultural products, machinery, electrical equipment, stone and timber export to the DPRK of any industrial equipment, vehicles, and iron, steel and other metals.

Introduced restrictive measures in respect of ships in cases where «there are reasonable grounds to believe that the ship was involved in violation of UN sanctions».

At the request of the EU home within 24 months must return all occupied in the EU, workers from the DPRK.

In addition, 55 individuals of the DPRK and the nine organizations included in the EU Autonomous sanctions list (in addition to the previously entered from the list 79 54 physical and legal entities).

«The EU implemented all UN security Council resolutions adopted in response to nuclear and other programmes for nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles to the DPRK and is working towards ensuring effective compliance by all States members of the United Nations. In addition, the EU introduced Autonomous restrictive measures against the DPRK, adding to and enforcement of the UN sanctions regime», – stated in the decision of the EU Council.

Since 2006, North Korea has produced six nuclear weapons tests. The country launched a ballistic missile.

The UN Security Council 11 September 2017 adopted the resolution on toughening of sanctions against North Korea by selecting the ban on exports of North Korean textiles as well as hard limits on supply the country of petroleum products, particularly crude oil and condensates.

On 22 December the UN security Council again tightened sanctions against the DPRK.

23 February 2018, the United States imposed the largest of the existing package of sanctions against the DPRK.

The European Union strengthened sanctions against DPRK 26.02.2018

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