The European Parliament proposed to intensify relations with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

Ahead of the summit of «Eastern partnership», which will be held on 24 November, the European Parliament proposed to strengthen the European Union’s relationship with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. About it informs the website of the European Parliament.

«Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova will make every effort to establish closer ties with the EU, despite strong opposition from Russia. They already enjoy visa-free travel to the EU, as well as increase business opportunities through free trade agreements», – stated in the message, dated 7 Nov.

The call to deepen cooperation and «find new ways of supporting countries at the EU borders» contained in a new report of the European Parliament, which has already been approved by the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs and will now be voted on at the November plenary meeting.

«The main thing in the list of recommendations is the establishment of a trust Fund for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. The trust Fund is a development tool for fast and flexible EU response to crisis and post-crisis situations. It will bring together the resources of public and private donors for investment in projects aimed at improving the socio-economic structures», – stated in the message.

Eastern partnership – the EU-funded project, with the primary stated aim of development of integration relations of the EU with six former Soviet countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus.

In October 2017 the EU Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs recommended that the model of «Eastern partnership+» for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to deepen the European integration of these countries. The corresponding solution is proposed for the summit of «Eastern partnership» which will take place on 24 November in Brussels.

The European Parliament proposed to intensify relations with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova 10.11.2017

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