The European Parliament may grant robots rights «e-personality»

The European Parliament intends to consider the set of rules governing the communication of people with artificial intelligence and robots. According to the report of the European Parliament, the world is on the threshold of a new industrial revolution of robots.
Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether to grant future robots the status of «electronic personality», reports BBC Russian.

The authors of the report propose to oblige developers of robots to ensure that each of them will be provided by the device, allowing for the need to disable all of its functions.

Users of the robots also needs to be free from fear or risk to physical or psychological trauma. The document predicts that within a few decades, artificial intelligence in its capabilities surpass human.

«If you do not prepare, intellectual superiority could seriously complicate the task of people’s control over their own creations. Perhaps even problematic will be the ability of people to remain masters of their destiny and ensure the survival of the species», — the document says.

If MEPs vote for this bill it will be sent to the parliaments of the countries-EU members for further discussion and amendments. Only after that he may gain the force of law of the European Union.

Previously, scientists have created a robot that eats living organisms.

The European Parliament may grant robots rights «e-personality» 13.01.2017

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