The European court has accepted to consideration the claim of Ephraim

The European court of human rights has accepted to consideration the claim of the former head of fraction of Party of regions in the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Efremov on the legality of his arrest. This was stated by his French lawyer Maxim Case, transfer «Ukrainian news».

«So far there is 1 complaint that is already registered (ECHR) and is now considered… It relates to space policy of Ephraim into custody» – he said.

The lawyer noted that the defense intends to file another complaint and is awaiting the decision of the Appeal court of Kyiv regarding the legality of prolonging the detention of Ephraim to 6 months.

Case also expressed indignation at the fact that the Appellate court «draws the consideration of this case.»

«The third time I come to Ukraine for the fourth time, the case of Ephraim should have been considered in Appellate court, but was postponed. I have the impression that in your country do not want to administer justice and to deny Mr. Ephraim in his legitimate right to defense», – he stressed.

In his opinion, the former Deputy subjected to criminal prosecution in Ukraine solely for his political position, which is a violation of the Convention on human rights.

«In fact, what was offered by Mr Yefremov is what later President Poroshenko ratified in the «Minsk agreements», – said the Frenchman.

The lawyer believes that a violation of article 10 of the European Convention on human rights, where we are talking about freedom of expression.

In addition, the protection of Ephraim against the consideration of his case in the Luhansk region.

In particular, the lawyer Yevhen Solodko noted that the Prosecutor General’s office had no reason to refer the case for consideration in court in the Luhansk region.

«We believe that the definition of (jurisdiction) over the Luhansk region is groundless for several reasons, which we now announce will not, so as not to give the Prosecutor General the opportunity to prepare counter-arguments», – he said.

«But our position is that the matter must obey here in Kyiv, because here is the body of a pretrial investigation,» – said sweet.

Maxim Case said that he was shocked by the decision of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to send the case to the court in the Luhansk region.

«I will continue to defend Mr. Ephraim, but I am amazed and shocked that this trial is adjourned in the Luhansk oblast, which is the unstable region and is not very convenient for this. For me it is very strange,» he said.

As reported, Yefremov is suspected of organizing the seizure of the building of Luhansk regional state administration; aiding in the capture of a building of management of SBU in the Luhansk region; the Commission of a deliberate action to change the borders of the territory and the state border of Ukraine; assistance in the establishment and activities of the terrorist organization «LNR», as well as treason.

January 3, Ephraim and his lawyers handed the indictment.

Recall that Ephraim was detained on suspicion in infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine on July 30 at the airport of Kiev. In addition to encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of the country, Ephraim is charged with direct support of a criminal organization «LNR», as well as misappropriation of company property «Luganskugol».

Efremov was convinced that not guilty of the crimes incriminated to him by the attorney General.

24 November, the court again extended the arrest of Ephraim to 22 January 2017.

The European court has accepted to consideration the claim of Ephraim 10.01.2017

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