The EU will also be 54 million euros for reforms in Ukraine

The European Union has allocated further funding of 54 million euros for the implementation of reforms in Ukraine.

This was announced by the European Union delegation in Ukraine, reports UNIAN.

«The European Union announced the transfer of three tranches to support reforms in the sphere of decentralization, transport and technical standardization in Ukraine, amounting to 54 million euros,» — stated in the message.

The EU transferred the first tranche in the amount of 23 million euros for the implementation of the «Budget support to regional policy of Ukraine». This program, the total cost of implementation of which amount to EUR 55 million, provides additional funding of reforms in the field of regional policy and decentralization in accordance with the strategy of regional development of Ukraine. Its overall goal is to improve the overall level of welfare of citizens throughout the country.

«Reform on decentralization and regional policy has demonstrated its first positive results: the legal framework has been updated; the financial condition and autonomy of local governments has improved considerably. Given the progress indicators showing the progress in the implementation of reforms, the European Union adopted the decision on the tranche transfer to the national budget of Ukraine in the amount of 23 million euros,» — said the head of the EU delegation to Ukraine Hugh Mingarelli.

Also, the EU has transferred the last tranche in the amount of 25.9 million euros in accordance with the program support in the implementation of the strategy in the transport sector of Ukraine.

«Implementing a national strategy in the transport sector had a positive impact on ordinary Ukrainians – we mean the expansion of rights of passengers, road safety, better communication between neighbouring countries, as well as on the economy of Ukraine in General. EU funded program for budget sector support, which contributed to the achievement of these priorities ensured greater compliance with the entire sector of the Agreement on Association», – said Mingarelli, commenting on the decision.

The last third tranche, said the EU delegation in Ukraine, in the amount of 5.14 million euros was transferred to facilitate trade in products between the two partners. «This is actually the fourth installment in the framework of the EU programme «Support to mutual trade by removing technical barriers to trade between Ukraine and the European Union», implemented in the period from 2010 to 2016″, — stated in the message.

Because budget support is not earmarked and funds placed at the disposal of the authorities of Ukraine, the Ambassador emphasized the importance of financing specific projects to promote economic and social development and balanced growth in the regions and cities of Ukraine.

«The EU continues to be responsible for the support of the reform process in Ukraine, together with other donors,» said Mingarelli.

As reported, in October the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine presented the office of implementation of reforms under the Prime Minister headed by Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleksandr saienko and the team of reforms in the ministries, and the West has sent experts in four ministries.

The EU will also be 54 million euros for reforms in Ukraine 22.11.2016

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