The EU plans to Finance the construction of camps in Belarus for refugees from Syria, Russia and Ukraine

The European Union intends to Finance the construction of camps for refugees in Belarus. In the coming year for these purposes of Minsk will be allocated 7 million euros. This is stated in a non-public document of the European Commission, which failed to study the daily correspondent of the German newspaper Tageszeitung Christian Jacob.

In the project description it is reported that on the territory of Belarus it is planned to build a «migrant accommodation centres» (Migrants accommodation Center) open and closed. This means that «workers will be kept under lock as long as they will not be deported from Belarus or not leave it voluntarily», says the article, translated by InoPressa.

Refugee centers will be designed for 30-50 people. Especially in the new institutions it is planned to place three categories of migrants: refugees from Ukraine, Syria and «persons fleeing economic crisis in Russia and looking for a job in the EU». The author emphasizes that first and foremost in this category may include Chechen refugees.

Camps for workers will «serve the best international and EU standards». They will create isolated sections for women, girls and family, and there will be psychological and medical help.

The article notes that the prerequisite for the construction project of the centers for refugees were ending negotiations between the EU and Belarus on the three migration agreements. The first involves the simplification of the conditions of entry for Belarusian citizens in the Schengen countries. In the second we are talking about the so-called «mobility partnership» — simplifying the issuance of work and student visas. In accordance with the third agreement of Belarus is obliged to take the refugees caught in the European Union through its territory (that is, to produce readmission).

The third paragraph should be a return service for the first two, writes Jakob. However, the negotiations about the agreement on the return of migrants stalled. So, 10 January the head of the main consular Department of the foreign Ministry of Belarus Igor Fisenko said that Belarus is not currently able to perform the readmission agreement in the understanding of Brussels, as reported by the news Agency BelTA. «We just don’t have the appropriate infrastructure», — said the employee of the guardian.

Fisenko explained that during the negotiations the conditions have changed, including what happened in Europe migration crisis: «Two years ago, the attitude towards this issue was one. But after the migration crisis in Europe, there has been some reassessment of values, including at expert level.» According to the diplomat, to be willing to «accept people» returning within the readmission of Belarus «the necessary time and money.»

Fisenko complained that the EU is too rigidly links the first two agreements with a third and will provide visa exemptions only after Minsk will sign a clause on readmission.

Earlier it was reported that Latvia for combating illegal migration may be to erect a fence on the border with Belarus, told a local television station LSM UK Prime Minister of the Republic Laimdota Straujuma. The reason for this decision were the recent detentions of large groups of refugees from Iraq infiltrated into the country from the territory of Belarus.

The EU plans to Finance the construction of camps in Belarus for refugees from Syria, Russia and Ukraine 13.01.2017

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