The EU Parliament supported the creation of a European defence Union

The EU needs to intensify its efforts to ensure security and cooperation in the defense sector, which should lead to the creation of a common defense Alliance.

This is stated in a European Parliament resolution adopted on Tuesday, the press service of the EP.

For the resolution voted by 369 MEPs, 255 were against and 70 abstained.

«The situation in the field of security in and around Europe has deteriorated significantly in recent years, in connection with such problems as terrorism, hybrid threats or cyber and energy instability, which no country can solve on their own,» the resolution reads.

The document aims to increase EU spending on military missions and expand the overall array of equipment, particularly helicopters.

The resolution notes the necessity of deepening cooperation between the armies of the countries-EU members. MEPs call for an appointment 2% of GDP on expenses related to the defense issues.

The Parliament also proposed to establish the operational command of the EU, whose task would be planning and coordination of joint actions in crisis situations.

The Parliament’s decision has no binding force for member countries.

As reported, the EU leaders do not exclude the refusal of newly elected President Donald trump from many security initiatives, including under the auspices of NATO, and I propose to create a common European army.

The EU Parliament supported the creation of a European defence Union 23.11.2016

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