The EU is dissatisfied with the draft law on electronic Declaration

The European Union (EU) is disappointed by the draft law # 3755 «On amendments to the law «On prevention of corruption» (with respect to the operation of the electronic system for the submission and publication of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local self-government)». This is stated in the statement on Facebook the head of the EU delegation in Ukraine Jan Tombinski.

«The draft law on electronic Declaration (No. 3755) has been a disappointment and inconsistent with the commitments of the Ukrainian leadership in the fight against corruption. Ukraine should immediately take measures to establish an effective system of declarations of income and ensure the normal operation of the National Agency for prevention of corruption,» — said Tombinsky.

Thus, according to Tombinski, the bills No. 4056 (on amendments to some laws on improving the activities of the National Agency of Ukraine on identification, investigation and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes) and 4054 (on amendments to the criminal code and the criminal procedure code regarding the implementation of the recommendations contained in the sixth report of the European Commission on the implementation by Ukraine of the action Plan on liberalization of EU visa regime for Ukraine concerning improvement of procedures for the seizure of property and special confiscation) meet the standards of the EU and must be voted on second reading.

The EU is dissatisfied with the draft law on electronic Declaration 17.02.2016

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