The EU intends in December to extend economic sanctions against Russia – media

The EU in December is likely to continue economic sanctions against Russia, which expire at the end of January of the following year, but continued after the inauguration of Donald trump</b> .

About it reports Reuters with reference to the five diplomats of the EU, transfers «European truth».

«The extension of sanctions should occur in December. No changes in the situation in the East of Ukraine… there is no argument to them not to continue,» said one of the diplomats.

«However, after the inauguration of the trump – who knows where it will lead us,» he said.

Under the presidency of Barack Obama , the US also imposed sanctions on Russia and urged the EU to unity in this matter. Despite this, the effectiveness of sanctions questioned Italy, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, which have close business ties with Moscow.

Donald trump during election campaign has declared desire to improve relations with Russia. European diplomats fear that easing the U.S. position will be used by the Kremlin to weaken the EU’s position on sanctions.

«If, after the inauguration of the trump really going to go to a rapprochement with Putin, it could deepen divisions within the EU regarding Russia and could make the continuation of the sanctions more difficult» — said one of the diplomats in Brussels.

Another diplomat said: «the EU should make its own decision in December, but will start in January from the US go signals about changing their policies. This may undermine the unity of the EU».

At the same time, diplomats say that the fate of sanctions against Russia is not a priority for trump for Europe’s future relations with NATO are of greater importance.

«Sanctions against Russia may not be the biggest fish in the pan. The main question is, what are his steps on NATO, as this would have wide implications for European security, including relations with Russia», — said the diplomat.

Note that after winning trump in the presidential election in the United States, the American Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch stated that the States in December, will continue sanctions against the Russian Federation.

The EU intends in December to extend economic sanctions against Russia – media 10.11.2016

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