The EU court upheld sanctions against the Russian «Almaz-Antey»

The European court of justice, located in Luxembourg, adopted a decision on the complaint of the Russian plant «Almaz-Antey», which challenged sanctions imposed on it.

This «European truth» reported in a press-service of the court.

We are talking about the sanctions imposed by the EU Council in 2014, after the beginning of armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine. The EU decided to freeze the funds and assets of the Russian company «Almaz-Antey», as well as a number of other enterprises of the Russian defense industry.

«The court rejected the claim of «Almaz-Antey» and thus upheld the decision on freezing of funds of the company», — stated in the message of the court.

The decision of the Court of justice was the first to appeal the sanctions against Russian companies. The court will apply the principle of case law, so in other cases with identical circumstances we can expect exactly the same solutions.

«The court finds… that the EU Council did not act disproportionately, when they decided to freeze the funds of companies that support materially or financially, actions of the Russian authorities that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine», — stated in the decision.

According to the court, pursuing a particular company, the EU is entitled to expect that the illegal actions of Russia «will stop or will become more expensive for those who commit them, and it will contribute to peaceful settlement of the crisis in Ukraine.»

As is known, the company «Almaz-Antey» produces the Buk missile system and rockets of a class «earth-air». The court agreed with the provided EU Council evidence that Russia has illegally transferred such weapons to the separatists on Ukrainian territory. The court also took into account the «numerous reports» that the weapons were used to shoot down Ukrainian military planes and helicopters, and «Almaz-Antey» does not refute this information.

«Producing arms and military equipment and supplying it to the Russian state, which in turn provides weapons to the separatists in the East of Ukraine, «Almaz-Antey» substantially supports actions that threaten or undermine the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine», — said the EU Court.

The court separately noted that for the freezing of funds of the company did not need to prove who operated the Buk, which was shot down Malaysian airliner MH-17.

«The court also finds that the EU Council was not obliged to prove that the weapon that produces the «Almaz-Antey», has been used in Ukraine by the separatists. Such evidence would be difficult to achieve, especially in a situation of ongoing conflict where it is sometimes difficult to ascertain the responsibility and the types of weapons used by each of the warring parties», — stated in the decision.

Now before the European court are the appeals of a number of other Russian companies, both from financial sector and defense enterprises.

The EU court upheld sanctions against the Russian «Almaz-Antey» 25.01.2017

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