The EU calls on the political leaders of Ukraine to focus on reforms

In the European Union call on all political leaders of Ukraine to concentrate on reforms. This was stated by the representative of the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini, maja Kocijancic, reports UNIAN.

Bloomberg: Ukraine has all the power of oligarchs. But soon it may end

In her words, «the EU closely monitors the developments in the framework of the meetings of the Verkhovna Rada this week. At this critical time it is important that political leaders focus on important work in the direction of reform.»

«The current crisis is an opportunity to improve the quality of the work and convince the citizens that the leaders of Ukraine are able to accept the challenge of system transformation, which two years ago was demanded by the people.» «The interest of the public should motivate everyone to accelerate the pace of reform and to show a new quality of service to the interests of the country», — said the press Secretary Mogerini.

As said Kosyanchich, EU’s attention is focused on the reform in accordance with the Association Agreement and deep and comprehensive free trade area; the rule of law, combating corruption and democratic accountability. «The Ukrainian government in recent months has carried out significant work to promote a reform agenda that requires further development. It is therefore important that this work continued and gave the results to the benefit of the Ukrainian people», — she emphasized.

According to Kocijancic, due to «much greater transparency and openness of all institutions, decentralization, deregulation, consolidation of public procurement, police reform, the effective use of all institutions and legal instruments to eradicate corruption, we see a new quality of democracy».

As emphasized Kocijancic, «a need for more decisive action against the oligarchic influence on political structures and effective action against monopolies, the further empowerment of local government, public administration reform, including tax administration».

According to her, it is important to effectively use the deep and comprehensive free trade area with the EU and work on elimination of technical barriers to trade, better use of international assistance, particularly in key areas such as energy efficiency, state control over borders, infrastructure, health care, social services.

«The EU is ready to continue to provide substantial financial and technical support to efforts aimed at reforms in Ukraine, which should lead to systemic transformation and the full utilization of the Ukrainian national capacities, thereby strengthening the country’s ability to defend its sovereignty», — said the press Secretary Mogerini.

Bloomberg: Ukraine has all the power of oligarchs. But soon it may end

Ukrainian oligarchs continue to maintain total impact on the key decisions and processes in Ukraine. This is stated in an editorial by Bloomberg under the title «Ukraine is opposed to its own revolution.»

This fact the author has illustrated the recent unsuccessful vote for the resignation of the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The author recalled that the government had made loud accusations of corruption, in particular by the Minister of economic development and trade of Aivaras Abromavicius, who was named among involved and Igor Kononenko – the colleague of the President of Petro Poroshenko.

After that, the author adds, Poroshenko was under threat of losing the support of the IMF and addressed to the attorney General and the government to resign. However, to put the Cabinet failed and the cause, the author, was the position of the party of Poroshenko and the oligarchs.

«It’s (unfortunate resignation) has occurred because many deputies in his own parliamentary bloc Poroshenko did not support the appeal (of the President). It also did not support the Opposition bloc, which is controlled by the richest man of Ukraine, Rinat Akhmetov. Another party, under the control of multimilyarder Igor Kolomoisky, also abstained. So by using two of the oligarchs and to promote the Ukrainian President a vote of no confidence missed by 32 votes to 226 votes required for approval,» reads the article.

The author notes that the oligarchs are so deeply rooted in the Ukrainian political system is that almost no decision can be taken without their participation.

«They are invariably part of the solution (to the problem), even if they are the problem», – stated in the material.

In particular, the author recalls that after the beginning of Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine, the oligarchs were appointed governors of Eastern oblasts to stabilize the situation there, and oligarch Poroshenko, whose fortune is estimated at more than a billion dollars, was elected President.

At the same time, the author notes that in Ukraine there is a prerequisite for the weakening of the power of the oligarchs – the recently adopted amendments to the privatization law, which should make the process more transparent. The article says that this could be «the last sigh» of the oligarchs.

However, the author added that he too believes it.

«So, maybe the oligarchs will gradually lose influence on Ukrainian policy, will support reform and end corruption, which weakened and led to the impoverishment of their own country. I highly doubt it. It would be a revolution,» summarizes the article.

The EU calls on the political leaders of Ukraine to focus on reforms 18.02.2016

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