The EU and the UK agreed to a further stay of the Kingdom in the Community

Member countries of the European Union and Britain have reached agreement on further stay of the United Kingdom within the Commonwealth. This was written by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron on their pages in Twitter.

Details have emerged of the agreement, the EU and the UK
Poroshenko called «class compromise» the agreement between the EU and Britain

«Agreement between the EU and the UK. Months of hard work with the EU President and the European Parliament brought results. Happy. True for the UK, is true for the 27 member States of the EU,» wrote Juncker.

In accordance with the record Cameron UK will get a special status in the EU. «I agreed to give the UK a special status in the EU. I will recommend it tomorrow on the meeting of the Cabinet», — he wrote.

The President of the European Council Donald Tusk on the page added that the decision was taken «unanimously».

Agreements were reached within the framework of the EU summit, which lasted much longer than others because of the negotiations with great Britain.

In addition, David Cameron’s intention Saturday, February 20, to convene a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, which will discuss the organisation of a referendum about future membership in the EU.

At the meeting, must be approved referendum date. Media suggest that the vote will be held on 23 June 2016.

As reported, the European Union has received the offer of great Britain to revise the terms of its EU membership. Prior to this, Cameron has acted with sharp statements. In particular, he demanded from Brussels to defend the country’s market, strengthen the competitiveness of the EU, to provide London access control migrants and to rid the country of «tighter» cooperation with the European Union.

By the end of 2014, the majority of Britons supported the exit of their country from the EU.

Details have emerged of the agreement, the EU and the UK

New arrangements which shall prevent the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, contain an optional point exception, despite the fact that the UK now has a «special status» in the EU.

As you know, under the terms of its EU membership, Britain in some areas does not fulfill the European agreements (in particular in the field of monetary and migration policies), writes «European true».

BBC gives a list of four points of the «Brussels agreement».

1. Will be reduced payments for the children of migrant workers from EU countries, if their parents live in Britain, and children abroad (mainly talking about children of poles working in Britain). Currently British law obliged London to Fund such payments.

For new applicants the new normal will be distributed without delay, and for 34,000 children who already receive support, there will be a transition period until 2020.

2. You will modify the EC Treaty, with a clear indication that further strengthening of political integration the EU will not apply to London: «Britain can never be forced into political integration».

In fact, the rule is only a political slogan, which should reassure British voters. Britain and now does not participate in deeper integration in the EU. In particular, it is the only one in the EU, are exempt from the obligation to introduce a common currency (the Euro) in the future.

Cameron also stressed that Britain will never be part of the future European «superquadra», discussions which are now underway: «Our internal Affairs will remain our internal Affairs. And we are never going to participate, for example, to create a common European army».

3. Right entered Britain for seven years to stop existing payments to migrants in case migration will reach the «extremely high level». That level, according to the European Commission, was formed in Britain now. At the same time, for the seven years limit must be removed.

According to Cameron, it is expected that the migrants will not receive any payments during the first four years in Britain.

4. Britain will gain the right to use «extraordinary protective measures» for the city of London, to stop possible relocation companies in mainland Europe and ensure that British business does not suffer discrimination due to the fact that it is outside the Eurozone.

Despite that agreement, in June 2016 to be held a referendum on British membership of the EU. These measures, however, according to Cameron, will receive the majority of votes in support of the country’s membership in the European Union.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel after the talks stated that the UK received too many preferences, and the British desire to reform even brought some improvements in many EU countries.

Poroshenko called «class compromise» the agreement between the EU and Britain

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko positively assessed the agreements reached between the EU and the UK regarding the new terms of membership of the United Kingdom. The head of state said on his Twitter page.

«Encouraging news from Brussels. Agreement on a new format of relations, Britain-EU — lesson of a culture of compromise for the common future», — stated in the message.

The EU and the UK agreed to a further stay of the Kingdom in the Community 20.02.2016

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