The EP supported the «Geneva+» for de-occupation of Crimea — Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the European Parliament has supported the creation of the «Geneva plus» for de-occupation of Crimea.

He said this in his Twitter.

«The European Parliament supported the establishment of the Geneva format plus», — said the head of state.

«An important decision towards de-occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea», — said Poroshenko.

We will remind, «the Geneva format» means participation in negotiations between Ukraine, Russia and the EU and the USA. In addition, the composition of negotiators can officially log in and Britain — as a country-signatory of the Budapest Memorandum. But the prefix «plus» in the statement Poroshenko, according to the analyst Alexander Paliy, means engaging countries that had not signed the Memorandum. Such countries may be France and China.

Poroshenko insists that Crimea can be returned only by diplomatic means. So, the President has previously stated that the Peninsula should remain in the first paragraphs of the agenda of the countries — partners of Ukraine, and in this matter made a number of key breakthrough steps.

The EP supported the «Geneva+» for de-occupation of Crimea — Poroshenko 04.02.2016

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