The EC survey: almost a third of Europeans are willing to justify rape

About 27% of the population across Europe think forced sex is permissible in certain circumstances — for example, if the victim was drunk, or the perpetrator regrets the incident. This conclusion was made on the results of the study, which was conducted by the European Commission in the EU with the participation of 30 thousand respondents, writes

As a justification of rape was called provocative clothing, alcoholic or drug intoxication of the victim, flirting, not enough clear the victim’s resistance, a night walk alone, having multiple sexual partners, willingness to take someone home after a party or date. Also the Europeans are willing to justify rapists, if they did not understand what they are doing, or regret my actions.

According to The Washington Post, the comparison of the results of the survey with a breakdown by country shows that in Central and Eastern Europe the level of tolerance to sex without consent is higher than in Western Europe. However, the separation is geographical. For example, in Belgium the rape ready to meet 40% of respondents, and in the neighboring Netherlands — 15%. At the same time that violence against women is often provoked by the victim, say 17% of respondents. This figure is higher only in Latvia (57%) and lowest in the Netherlands (7%).

96% of respondents stated that domestic violence against women is unacceptable. Overall, nearly three-quarters of Europeans (74%) believe that violence against women is common in their country. 24% of respondents admitted that among their friends or loved ones, there are those who became a victim of domestic violence. 15% believe that domestic violence is a private matter and the proceedings on this occasion should not go beyond the family.

Only 1% of respondents believe that sending unsolicited messages with sexual overtones through the Internet is reprehensible, 95% think it’s normal to make jokes or sexual comments towards unfamiliar women on the street and 98% of Europeans are sure to touch colleagues — legally.

The authors of the report drew the attention of the EU that in some European countries badly needed work on the perception of gender-based violence. According to their estimates, one in five women at some point in their lives exposed to violence. Moreover, among men a victim of violence becomes one of the 71.

Earlier it was reported that in Poland offer to pay for born due to the rape of a child $ 1,000.

The EC survey: almost a third of Europeans are willing to justify rape 30.11.2016

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