The Dutch raised from the bottom of the North sea, a 150-meter vessel

The Dutch had a unique Maritime operation, raising from the bottom of the North sea near the port of Rotterdam cargo ship Ro-Ro Baltic Ace length of 148 m, width 25 m, weighing 23.5 tons with 1417 cars on Board, which as a result of collision with the container ship sank three years ago.

On the preparation and characteristics of conducting operations with participation of 18 ships and more than 100 people, rescuers, writes the French edition Оuest-France, reports «UKRINFORM».

«Three years ago the cargo ship Ro-Ro Baltic Ace, which sank in the North sea with new 1417 th Mitsubishi cars after a collision with a Cypriot container ship Corvus J, was raised from the seabed due to the unique operation», — stated in the message.

The publication reminded that the tragedy occurred on 5 December 2012 at a distance of 30 nautical miles from Rotterdam. Killed 11 of the 24 crew members of the Baltic Ace. Among them the citizen of Ukraine.

Dutch rescuers have long been preparing an operation and successfully implemented it in several stages. First they were pumped out from the vessel’s holds 500 thousand fuel, then cut it into several pieces, picked up from the bottom and transported in the cargo port, where he subsequently disposed of. The operation continued for two months longer than planned, but successful.

The Dutch raised from the bottom of the North sea, a 150-meter vessel 24.02.2016

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