The Dutch once again scared by a fake about «the basics», but the French are lying about Euromaidan

In the network appeared the second fake video, in which on behalf of fighters of «Azov» the Dutch are threatened by terrorist attacks. Video is now being actively spread in the Netherlands, in particular, it has published a blog GeenStijl, which is one of the key information resources of awareness-raising campaign directed against the Association of Ukraine and the EU.

French journalists are outraged by anti-Ukrainian propaganda on Canal+

The video was originally published on the fake youtube channel, created two days ago, which at the moment contains only one video.

Video men in camouflage and balaclavas standing on the floor expanded on the flag of the Netherlands, appeal to residents and visitors of Amsterdam and threaten them with punishment in case of a negative vote on the referendum on the Association Agreement with Ukraine.

In the regiment «Azov» «European truth» said that the video has nothing to do with the «Azov» and noted that «fighters» on it using the machines for airsoft.

Recall, this is not the first video on behalf of allegedly «Azov». In particular, on 18 January in youtube appeared a video in which armed men posing as fighters of «Azov», the Dutch threatened terrorist acts through a negative vote in the referendum on Association Ukraine-EU on 6 April.

6 April 2016 in the Netherlands will take place the Advisory referendum on the Association Agreement EU — Ukraine. The vote is taken on the question: «are You «for» or «against» the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU?» The referendum was initiated by a group GeenPeil.

The results of the referendum were consultative in nature and not binding on the government. In addition, the turnout should be at least 30% to have the referendum considered valid.

Currently the Association Agreement already ratified by both houses of the Parliament of the Netherlands. However, according to the law, which came into force in the country on 1 July, virtually any parliamentarians voted for the document can be submitted to a referendum, if it is collected 300 thousand signatures.

Noteworthy is that Ukrainian volunteers took residents Niderlandov the video, which showed the main points of Russian propaganda and urged residents to support the Association of Ukraine and EU in a referendum on 6 April.

French journalists are outraged by anti-Ukrainian propaganda on Canal+

French journalists, working in Ukraine, published an open letter in which he expressed his outrage over the broadcast channel Canal+ propaganda film about the events in Ukraine. The letter is published on the website Teleobs and signed by 17 journalists.

«We journalists who regularly work in Ukraine. Some of us are regular correspondents in Kiev and the regions and others regularly visit in Ukraine», — they note in the beginning of the letter.

«On 1 February we were shocked by the documentary Field Moreira «Ukraine — revolution of the mask», which was aired on Canal +. Not the arguments that were used in the film. We write and analyze extreme right-wing parties in Ukraine for a long time,» they say.

According to the journalists, they «felt discomfort» from the clutter of facts in the film, unverified information and manipulation.

«How can you ignore an undated YouTube video of March of nationalists in Kiev, which took place after independence and served as one of the episodes of the revolution?» — outraged journalists.

In addition, in their opinion, in the film, the Director is absolutely incorrect depicted the confrontation between the Ukrainian — and Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

Also, as noted in the letter, the author of the film claims that «after the revolution, the population of Crimea voted overwhelmingly in a referendum in favor of Russia», however, does not give the context in which the vote was taken, namely the deployment of Russian military forces on the Peninsula.

Journalists also deny that the events of may 2 in Odessa were not covered by the world media as it delivers the in the movie the Moreira.

Recall, a film that told about the revolutionary events in Ukraine in 2013-2014, was released on TV channel Canal+ on February 1 at 22:30 local time. The film was made in the spirit of Russian propaganda and is intended to talk about «extremist nationalist battalions in Ukraine, which have become a threat to the government» and «the massacre in Odessa».

Initially about a propaganda tape became known because of an article in Le Monde, where she was subjected to harsh criticism.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked Canal+ to film from the air. Kiev accused the author of painting in the manipulation of comments and the generation of prejudice.

Note, the Russian propaganda machine is directly and indirectly trying to discredit the image of Ukraine in Europe, to disrupt its current Western geopolitical choice.

For completeness of perception of events on the Maidan is also proposed to see a documentary film «Winter in the fire», which even claims to be «Oscar».

The Dutch once again scared by a fake about «the basics», but the French are lying about Euromaidan 04.02.2016

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