The drunk Deputy of a regional Council started a fight and knocked the man in Cherkasy

Saturday night in Cherkasy regional Council Deputy the head of fraction of Party of veterans of Afghanistan Alexander Rybchenko knocked down a pedestrian.

About it writes the local edition «About everything» with reference to the press-Secretary of management of the patrol police of the city Zoe wolf .

The accident happened around 21:00 near the entertainment complex «Chaika». Driving a Mercedes, which had run into a local resident, was Rybchenko.

«The driver was in an alcohol intoxication. It examined and found that his blood of 1.14 ppm alcohol. Witnesses to the incident who saw the incident, pulled Alexander Rybchenko from the car and tried to stop, saying that he immediately rushed to rent rooms with own car. The witnesses had damaged his car» — told in police.

The injured pedestrian was taken to hospital with cherepno-a brain trauma and other injuries.

As reported on his page on Facebook, a local journalist Valery Collar, before the accident Rybchenko beat «Afghan» officer-veteran Oleg Ostapenko, who lost his legs in Afghanistan.

Collar said that Ostapenko has recently been among the initiators of the re-election of the Chairman of regional Union of veterans of Afghanistan.

«…Rybchenko began to beat Oleg, broke his face, glasses, kicked when he fell on the snow… When passers-by made remarks bastards, «Fish» got in his car, tried to run… Turning, smashed someone’s car parked in the Parking lot (Lexus), hit two people. Moved Oleg Ostapenko… But that’s not all. Rybchenko tried to stop the witnesses. He desperately fought. But at the end of a drunken «body» calmed. They say the shots were fired and heard the sound of broken glass», — the journalist told.

Rybchenko was already prosecuted for driving while intoxicated. But at the end of January 2017, Sosnovskiy district court closed the proceedings in connection with the lapse of time.

We will note, in January in Kiev the drunk driver has attacked with fists on the patrol who refused to take a bribe.

The drunk Deputy of a regional Council started a fight and knocked the man in Cherkasy 12.02.2017

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