The DPRK is looking to kill millions of Americans — the White house

North Korea is looking to kill millions of Americans with nuclear weapons. This is stated in the published White house defense strategy of the United States.

The report stated that the DPRK, where the people are starving, spends millions of dollars to develop nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. In the administration of U.S. President Donald trump believe that thus Pyongyang threatened American territory.

As a strategy to counter North Korea, the United States intends to continue to deploy a missile defense system in northeast Asia and strengthen ties with allies in the region, particularly with South Korea and Japan.

In addition to the DPRK, in the published document says that the threat to the U.S. are Russia, China, Iran and international terrorist organizations.

Since 2006, North Korea fired six nuclear weapon tests and tens of launches of ballistic missiles. November 29, North Korea conducted a launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile of a new type «And 15». According to the North Korean leader, it was the completion of the process of creating a «state of nuclear forces» of the DPRK. In response South Korea the same day has conducted missile exercises on the border with the DPRK.

Mattis said in October that any DPRK attack on the United States or allies would be repulsed. According to the head of the Pentagon, «any use of nuclear weapons will lead to effective and overwhelming military response.»

2 Dec adviser to the President of the United States Donald trump on national security Herbert McMaster noted that the risk of war with North Korea «growing every day».

December 12, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that the United States is ready to negotiate with North Korea without preconditions.

13 December, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN called for the development of the DPRK even more nuclear weapons.

The DPRK is looking to kill millions of Americans — the White house 19.12.2017

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