The documentary film festival in Zagreb will be presented with several Ukrainian films (VIDEO)

Ukrainian movies will be featured in the 12th International festival of documentary film ZagrebDox, the website of the National Union of cinematographers of Ukraine.

On January 27, the organizers of the festival announced the program of the event.

In the International competition, which presents 24 films, will attend a full-length tape of Chad Gracia «Russian woodpecker» (U.S., UK, Ukraine).

In the Regional competition (selected 27 films) will attend 20-minute «Intersectia» Dmitry Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk (Ukraine, Romania).

The official «Happy Dox» will show a feature-length documentary «Ukrainian sheriffs» Roman Bondarchuk, the world premiere took place in November 2015 in Amsterdam at IDFA.

And in a special program «the Russians are coming», founded by this year’s festival, will be screened the film «Alice in the country of war» («Alisa in Warland») Love Duracool and Alisa Kovalenko. Its premiere also took place in the framework of the IDFA. Full-length tape on ZagrebDox claimed from Poland.

The 12th ICF ZagrebDox will take place from 21 to 28 February 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia.

As reported, the documentary The Russian Woodpecker («Russian woodpecker») is an American Director Chad Gracia talks about the version of the Ukrainian artist Fedor Alexandrovich about the causes of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The film «Interakcia» is a joint work of Ukraine and Romania. A 20-minute tape shows one day in the life of the Gypsy community of a small Romanian town, which is located at the intersection of provincial road and the international highway.

«Ukrainian sheriffs» Director Roman Bondarchuk filmed in co-production of Ukraine, Latvia and Germany and talk about zburyivka inhabitants of the Kherson region, who fought corruption on their own. The picture shows how has changed the life of a small southern village after the war.

«Alice in the country of war» — the film about the young Director, who during his journey from Euromaidan to the war in the East turned from nablyudatelya on participating in the event.

The documentary film festival in Zagreb will be presented with several Ukrainian films (VIDEO) 03.02.2016

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