The Dnipro police demanded a bribe from a student

Operatives of the Department of homeland security (OHS) Dnipropetrovsk regional police caught the worker juvenile prevention, which is threatening criminal liability 13-year-old student, demanded that his family of 5 thousand hryvnias. The extortionist threatened with imprisonment. It is reported by the Department of homeland security National police of Ukraine.

«As found by the staff of EOD police Dnipropetrovsk region, 19-year-old boy stole money from two minors. During communication with militiamen, the detainee was assured that, like, it it was asked to make 13-year-old boy friend. Then the inspector of the juvenile police sector of the Dnieper police Department accused student to the crime. Though the teenager and is not registered as a «problem» and was not brought to justice earlier, 29-year-old senior Lieutenant of police instead of preventive conversations with a young child promised to put him behind bars as an accomplice in the crime. When the older brother of the student came to talk to the police, he said that the opening of criminal proceedings in respect of a child will help avoid over 5 thousand hryvnias», — is spoken in the message.

With this information, the Complainant and came to the internal security police.

According to the materials of OHS Prosecutor’s office began criminal proceedings against a police officer. He received the first 1 thousand, and 4 thousand.

Realizing that he could be detained, the inspector came to the agreed meeting in body armor and with a traumatic gun. Received a bribe, he is suffered to the nearest bar and asked the bartender to replace the resulting bill on the other.

At this point the police inspector was detained by the operatives of the internal security with the support of fighters of special forces, COVD and with the participation of prosecutors of the region.

From the detainee withdrew the money, traumatic gun and ammunition. Now the police officer is in custody.

Previously Ukrainians urged «not to remain silent but to report» about the crimes and violations of the new police.

The Dnipro police demanded a bribe from a student 27.01.2017

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