The Dnipro opened the inner exposure of the first in Ukraine Museum of the ATO

Opened in Dnipropetrovsk internal exposure of the first in Ukraine Museum of the ATO. A large-scale exhibition occupies nearly 600 square meters. Favorite things, heroes, photographs, medals, uniforms, weapons and a media room that creates a «presence effect».

About 2 thousand exhibits tell the history of ordinary people in the region who first rushed to the defense of the homeland and become true heroes. As reported in Department of information activities and communications with the public on Monday, January 23, to visit Museum can all attend.

«The residents of Dnipropetrovsk, one of the first banded together and began to defend the independence of their country. Someone volunteered to the front, someone has become a volunteer, someone left their home and went to hospital to treat soldiers on the front. Feat of every resident of the area devoted to the internal exhibition of the Museum of the ATO. The exhibition preserves the history of victories and the pain of loss. It is about each of us,» — said the Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Valentin Reznichenko.

Internal exposure, which is called «the Civil feat of the residents of Dnipropetrovsk», occupies nearly 600 square meters and employs almost 2 thousand exhibits. It is located in three halls. The first thing the residents of the region who have made their contribution to the defense of Ukraine. Here medical tools, clothing chaplains, chevrons volunteers, posters and volunteer events, photos of war correspondents, and children’s drawings.

The second room contains photographs of the five hundred dead Heroes. And — dear to their hearts things: favorite chess book, an icon, a letter from his mother, a mobile phone with a trace from the explosion. This «Hall of memory» is dedicated to all those who gave their lives for Ukraine.

«I gave the Museum a flak jacket and inscribed, pierced by an enemy bullet helmet my husband. These things are dear to me, but gave liberally. People need to see what the price goes to the peace in our home. To wear will together with the son. He knows that his father is a Hero», — said the wife of the deceased soldier ATO Svetlana Lip.

Strong emotions await visitors in the multimedia hall is modeled on the modern European museums. Here show a panorama documentary about the war in the East. The image is broadcast directly on the four walls, shifting the epicenter of the event.

«In this exhibition have not forgotten anyone — neither the fighters nor the volunteers nor the doctors. As it should be. Ukrainians need to see that fought the same simple people as they are: with an open heart and kind eyes. They performed the tasks, not because I love war. But because it is their duty to defend the Fatherland,» — shared his impressions of the commander of a tank battalion, Hero of Ukraine Yevhen Mezhevikin.

Internal exposition of the ATO is in the Diorama of the historical Museum. Yavornytsky. Address: city, Dnipro, St. D. Yavornytsky, 16.

Street presentation of the first in Ukraine Museum of the ATO opened in the spring of 2016. It’s called «the Roads of Donbass». In the heart of the show — military vehicles: armored personnel carriers, medical, medicine, mortar, anti-aircraft gun, a military jeep, a tank turret, burnt-out cars. In General, about 400 exhibits.

The Dnipro opened the inner exposure of the first in Ukraine Museum of the ATO 23.01.2017

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