The Dnipro entrepreneurs will be fined for icicles

The Dnipro owners will be fined for icicles, and uncleared snow. This was stated by the acting head of the city Mikhail Lysenko, reports citing local media.

«Shops and other economic facilities very inefficiently clean the sidewalk. They somehow think that their store end with the door, and next to nobody cares. That time not cleaned snow, there were already 140 of the Protocol, and in the near future I will sign them. I somehow think that it will be accepted the maximum penalty,» – said Lysenko.

According to him, such a cleaning should do the control, if the contract was signed. But if shops will not remove the icicles from the eaves should be a Protocol for violation of city beautification.

Previously, doctors and Netpolice gave advice to Ukrainians on how to survive the frosts.

The Dnipro entrepreneurs will be fined for icicles 12.01.2017

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