The Dnipro due to the explosion of a moonshine still in the intensive care unit got a two year old boy

The Dnipro man for the first time in my life tried to make moonshine, were injured as a result of depressurization of the tank with Braga, which was on fire. As a result, he with his son went to the hospital, according to a story TSN.

«Up to 25% of the surface area of the skin: burnt face, chest, hands,» — said the head of resuscitation Department of regional children’s clinical hospital of the Dnieper Alexander Lozinski.

Father burns from boiling liquid on the left hand and back. To communicate with journalists the man is reluctant. But it makes his mother, who runs the hospitals between the grandson and the son.

«First time, inexperienced. That’s what happened. Hooked, and then I saw that the hot tank itself. Started to touch up, and it exploded. The alcohol caught fire, and, as I understand it, poured boiling water,» says Lydia RePEc.

The consequence has established that explosion has occurred from-that the improvised container, which the man cooked, depressurized. For such negligence the father faces up to two years of restriction of freedom.

«It was careless of bodily injury of average weight or heavy. Also carry out appropriate checks, and the man could face administrative responsibility for moonshine,» — said the press-Secretary of police in the Dnipropetrovsk region Anna starchevskaya.

Neighbors of the family where the incident occurred, genuinely surprised, because none of the local families did not abuse alcohol. The peasants don’t even believe in that house could do to make moonshine. But more and more people in the village wonder what moonshine actually could explode.

What is the violation of the rules of operation – discussion about this now suit right on the street. The camera is not recognized that the moonshine is brewed in many homes, and even have special recipes, so an accident is unlikely a beginner is going to stop anyone of the more experienced connoisseurs of this case.

We will remind, in the beginning of January in Sumy crazy retired rigged a gas explosion in a residential building.

The Dnipro due to the explosion of a moonshine still in the intensive care unit got a two year old boy 11.01.2017

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