The Dnipro attacked the Deputy of «Самопомbчи»

On the night of 31 January in the river attacked the head of a city cell «Samopomichi» Artem Melnikova. According to the party «Samopomich» in Facebook on Tuesday morning, the attackers were three.

The Hop links the attack with his «parliamentary and political activity,» as precious things he has not taken.

«You all don’t always see what the snake is our local and national politics and everything about them… the Hardness of my position causes some individuals desire physical violence», – the politician wrote in Facebook.

«I’m not going to go on a «deal» against the interests of the people and their conscience», – explained his position the Hop.

The representative of «Samopomichi» did not Express any specific suspicion.

On the website of the police in Dnipropetrovsk region there is no information about the incident.

Earlier in the Kharkiv region, unknown assailants beat and robbed the Deputy of regional Council from the party «Block of Petro Poroshenko «Solidarity» Olga Lviv.

The Dnipro attacked the Deputy of «Самопомbчи» 31.01.2017

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