The Director of Google Ukraine, said that the company’s revenues for the year grew nearly 60% in dollars

The number of users of the search engine and other Google products in Ukraine is constantly growing, and this is not due to blocking by the Ukrainian authorities, the Russian search engine «Yandex». This was stated by the Director of Google Ukraine, Dmitry Sholomko in an interview with «Commander in chief».

He noted that large influx of users after blocking «Yandex» was not, and the performance of the company «grow slowly» as before.

«Regardless of the situation with «Yandex» or «Vkontakte», the Ukrainian market is always growing. And our income is also growing rapidly. 2014 was the worst – and the reasons are clear. But from 2014 to 2017, the growth rate greatly accelerated. If to talk about numbers: income growth of about 60% per year in dollars. UAH, I guess, because the exchange rate is now more or less stable,» – said Sholomko.

The Director of Google Ukraine, noted that the number of advertisers the company has tens of thousands, although there are active advertisers, and there are many abandoned client accounts.

«The Ukrainian market began to grow rapidly. There are many opinions about this. Some people think that it is growing, because the economy rises. Others – on the contrary, because people run from the official business online, where it is easier to hide. But «Google Ukraine» officially, pays taxes. It especially does not hide. I think just the business acquire the Internet technology. This explains why we have a growing number of customers,» he concluded.

On may 15 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree enacted the decision of national security Council and defense of Ukraine dated 28 April 2017 on the physical and legal persons against which introduced anti-Russian sanctions for a period of one year to three years.

In the sanctions list were, in particular, of social network «Vkontakte» and «Classmates», services, Mail.Ru and «Yandex», the Russian antivirus company «Kaspersky Lab» and «Doctor Web». On may 17 a decree on new sanctions was published in «Uriadovyi Kur’єri».

The national Commission exercising state regulation in the sphere of communication and Informatization of Ukraine, warned of the penalties for refusing to block banned sites.

The Director of Google Ukraine, said that the company’s revenues for the year grew nearly 60% in dollars 19.08.2017

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