The diplomat: at the Munich conference they talked about Ukraine a little, but it’s good

This year at the Munich security conference is much less talked about Ukraine, and this is a positive signal. This opinion on 14 February expressed by the former Deputy foreign Minister (1998 – 2004), the Ukrainian diplomat and expert Oleksandr Chalyi at the conclusion of the conference, reports UKRINFORM.

«They talked about Ukraine a little, and I don’t think it’s bad. It is the only conference where the less said about the country, the safer it is and the more investors want to come in this country,» said Chaly.

At the same time, he admitted, many wish they talked about Ukraine anymore, but «the dialogue can not be built at confrontational moments».

«Ukrainians should understand that to overcome the crisis in and around you only if we understand global trends – both in politics and in the economy — and adapt to them, not to go against the flow», — the diplomat noted.

According to Chaly, in the future, such concentration on the Ukrainian theme will be gone, which is good.

At the conference he heard a message that one of the key security challenges, European and global, are the countries that failed to stabilize the internal situation, to run a progressive economy, national dialogue inside the country, i.e. «the loser».

«We need to be aware that in recent months we balance the domestic policy level is such a failed state”, — said Chaly. In his words, “internal reform – the biggest investment, if we are not spending, it will be the biggest challenge to our security, and if we do that, we will resolve the issues and in the Donbas, and Crimea”.

«Soon the world will be a storm, but we need to learn to properly swim in this storm, considering national interests, and not to think that we will be able to demand all the attention,» concluded Chaly.

We will remind, during a speech at the Munich conference on safety issues the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appealed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and reminded him that in Ukraine there is no civil war, only Russia’s aggression.

And U.S. President Barack Obama urged Putin to abide by Minsk agreements and cease fire on the occupied territories of Donbass.

The diplomat: at the Munich conference they talked about Ukraine a little, but it’s good 15.02.2016

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