The details of the incident in jail Lukyanovka: «tornadoes» cut off his ear

In Lukyanovka jail, an incident occurred between police officers and inmates in prison by soldiers of the disbanded company «Tornado», during which one of the «tornadovtsev» made an attempt to cut off his ear. About it Gromadsky to sources familiar with the details of what happened.

It is noted that the victim – Maxim Glebov, 11 January testified in court. Its visors «fast». At the same time as this attack on the guards was not.

As reported Citing a source, Glebov gave testimony in which he acknowledged that «tornadovtsa» illegally detained people in the basement, and called the names of the 5 victims. After testimony between Glebov and former commander of the «Tornado» Ruslan Onishchenko, there was a verbal altercation, during which Onishchenko threatened and abused Glebov.

During the transfer of the trial in Lukyanivka prison, Glebov cut off his ear.

«Tornadovtsa» being in the box dispenser began to demand to call a doctor to the defendant to provide him first aid. The latter came immediately, as the prison authorities feared that he will take hostages.

Later it became known that the defendant operated in one of the capital’s hospitals, said an informed source in law enforcement bodies.

«Ear doctors sewed him», — told the correspondent of «the Censor.NO» source.

He also added that the detainee was escorted back to jail. Reportedly another source, now the court solves a question on that part «tornadovtsev» lukianivka facility transferred to another detention facility.

We will remind, the company of special purpose «Tornado» was part of the interior Ministry. In June 2015 was arrested 8 of its fighters, including a commander Ruslan Onishchenko, on charges of unlawful imprisonment and abduction of local residents, their torture, killings and other serious crimes.

July 18, 2015 the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov signed a decree on dissolution of the company «Tornado». Now the division is liquidated, and its commander and some fighters are judged.

The details of the incident in jail Lukyanovka: «tornadoes» cut off his ear 12.01.2017

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