The Deputy-the millionaire Constantine wrote a statement about refusal of the mandate

Extra fractional people’s Deputy Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky said in his Facebook that he wrote the application for addition of the mandate.

To the post he attached a photo of a Declaration addressed to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy.

«Today was a decision that struck down a huge load off my shoulders. Wrote a statement about refusal of the Deputy mandate. Tomorrow morning it will be in the Secretariat of Parliament and, I hope, will be voted at the next session,» wrote Constantine.

According to the MP, the thought of the addition of the mandate for the first time called for it within six months after the election.

«A real politician, I never was. In the first place because to be yourself for a politician is almost inaccessible luxury. Therefore, success in politics is almost always proportional to the ability to promise, to deceive and pretend. Though, probably, there are exceptions… I do Not want to offend all. These almost three years were the darkest in my life», – says the publication.

Constantine claims that being in the Parliament, was not associated with any of the businesses, and parliamentary salary was transferred to the charity.

«I learned to get up early, spend many hours sitting around reading a bunch of papers. I started Smoking this instead of sports. Honestly, I do not take bribes. Never refused the Deputy’s request and tried to help those who approached me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. My laws were not included in the agenda. No faction has almost no leverage. All this is little trouble compared to those that kept our military at the front, our retirees and simple workers. If I could really help them, would tolerate further», – the Deputy wrote.

He added that he does not agree with indiscriminate mudslinging of deputies and the Parliament as a whole and is not ready to tolerate more undeserved humiliation.

«My resource of patience was exhausted. I wish this Parliament patience and success with the reforms, but without me. I hope you can benefit, working in the business», – concluded Constantine.

The Deputy-the millionaire Constantine wrote a statement about refusal of the mandate 14.07.2017

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