The deputies of the faction «Samopomich» want Pashinsky immunity lifted

The deputies of the faction «Samopomich» in favor of lifting the parliamentary immunity of the Deputy from «popular front» Sergei Pashinsky. They also insist on the adoption of the bill on the limitation of parliamentary immunity, said at a briefing in the Parliament, Oksana Syroid, Irina Podolyak, Roman semenukha and Andriy zhurzhiy, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«We witnessed a very sad incident when the head of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence, in fact, committing an armed assault on a person is in the trial a witness, not a suspect,» said Syroid.

«This result, to me, seems to be a farce. And I think it would be right to the immunity of the MP was removed immediately in order to ensure an unbiased result. And we are convinced that this situation needs to be fixed,» she said.

Irina Podolyak added: «the Verkhovna Rada has caused injury to the armed citizen. Investigations that occur now, will not have any legal consequences, because they go at a time when the MP possesses immunity.»

Fraction «Samopomich» before the new year formally approached the head of the Verkhovna Rada, in the Parliament immediately made her «a bill to limit the parliamentary immunity, which would give an opportunity in the legal field to make investigations on such cases, how to treat recently, including».

«The motivation of the speaker was such that he is willing to register their alternative draft law on the limitation of parliamentary immunity, because certain norms, which are in our bill are quite revolutionary and significantly limit the possibility of criminal prosecution of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. However, this alternative bill was not registered,» said Podolyak.

Roman semenukha noted that «samopomich» offers to substantially reduce the terms of consideration of the submission in the procedural Committee to 1 day and to provide that even if the regulatory Committee does not accept the decision, then the next 3 plenary day, the Verkhovna Rada is obliged to consider such representation or collected turn to consider this question.

Fraction also plans to cancel the special order of the search, the MP, to set a limit for the departure of MP in the case that law enforcement sent the idea of bringing him to justice.

According to Memenuhi, if there was such a rule, Oleksandr Onishchenko questioned would be in Ukraine.

And Andriy zhurzhiy said that there should be the possibility of self-renunciation of parliamentary immunity.

«I even before the New year turned to Mr. Parubiy , demanding to deprive me of my parliamentary immunity in connection with those speculations, which are now conducted around me by the attorney General. That there was no question that MP hides behind immunity, he has the right to refuse immunity by his own statement, hall should just vote,» said Zhurzhiy.

As reported, on 31 December in the woods near one of the villages Vasilkovsky district, Kiev region Pashinsky shot in the leg a local resident Vyacheslav Himikos. During the conflict, the Deputy shot him in the thigh from a Glock 19 9 mm caliber, which was received as a gift from the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

Pashinsky himself got hit with a bottle. The MP said that the attackers were just Himikus, and that, in turn, argues that the attack Pashinsky.

January 3, Andriy Portnov , during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych was in the position of the head of Glamourousone on judiciary of the presidential administration of Ukraine on his page in Facebook reported that its advocates — in particular, Marina parinova — will to resist the «cynical and impudent to the master of life of the «popular front», which was shot in an ordinary passerby, and the National police, which undertook to help him.»

13 January there was cross-examination about the shooting, which lasted nearly 8 hours.

A day of cross-examination it became known that Pashinsky changed his testimony.

The deputies of the faction «Samopomich» want Pashinsky immunity lifted 17.01.2017

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