The defense Ministry stated that the purpose of the Donetsk militants is a humanitarian and environmental disaster

The militants on the occupied territory of Donetsk region do not provide security guarantees to carry out repair and restoration works on a number of sites near the line of contact in the ATO zone.

In the result, there can be a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe that will affect hundreds of thousands of residents on both sides of the demarcation line. This was reported in the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, reports «UKRINFORM».

«For a considerable period in some areas, the demarcation line is not to spend repair work. This situation is due to the fact that the Russian side in the Joint center for control and coordination does not provide confirmation of security guarantees for the observance of the cease-fire by the ORDO,» — said a senior source.

Thus, the Ukrainian side of the JCCC received a written confirmation of refusal without explanation to provide security guarantees at carrying out of repair work on applications of Avdeevsky coke-chemical plant (AKHZ) and Krasnogorovka refractory plant.

At Avdiivka coke has long been necessary to perform recovery work in connection with the dire state of electricity and the supply of service water. If such work does not hold, the steel giant can stop their work, which directly affect the life of the city Avdeevka.

Not less complicated situation on the gas station in the area Krasnogorovka, where the required work to assess the condition of the pipeline output with the production of 2 pits on the gas station and filament high pressure in the area of highway Zaporizhia-Donetsk.

The project of laying a gas pipeline to Marinka and Krasnogorovka was completed by Ukrainian authorities in June 2016. Now is the question of the connection pipeline to the distribution station. At the same time, her work will provide gas supply and heating in winter, not only the residents of government-controlled Mariinka and Krasnohorivka, but about 20 thousand residents of Alexandrovka, which is located in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region.

In addition, at present has not received responses regarding the provision of guarantees of safety at carrying out of repair work on the applications of Phenolic plant and «Bakhmut agrarian Union».

Phenolic plant near the settlement of Novgorod — the Ukrainian government-controlled territory of the Donetsk region – must continue working to strengthen the fire protection of the facility stage III and adjacent areas. The previous six applications from the head of the company «Inkor and Co» in the observance of the ceasefire regime during the works, since July 10, 2016, agreed by the militants.

On request «Bakhmutsky agrarian Union», then it requires the examination of engineers of passages from the building of sewage treatment plants to field the No. 40 and the adjacent fields for the presence of explosive devices. UKRINFORM back in July I wrote about the situation around n of Novoluganskoe-Code around this Svinokompleks agribusinesses.

As reported in the Ministry of defence, the request of PJSC «Bakhmut agrarian Union» of 11 October No. 404 agreed upon by representatives of the armed forces of Ukraine on 13 October to 16 November, the security reassurance to carry out these activities by militants from the Russian side SCCC has not been received.

«Delay or failure to perform rehabilitation work on these objects creates the preconditions of humanitarian and environmental disasters that may affect dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands of civilians on both sides of the line of contact between the parties,» — said in comments the Ministry of defence.

In the MOU also added that the impression «that the risk of a humanitarian and environmental disaster is the goal that is pursued by the leaders of the ORDO by the failure to provide security guarantees of such works».

Informed the special representative of the OSCE in the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas Martin Sajdik said that concerned about the serious consequences for the population, which since December 1, are threatened by lack of payment of water supply in Luhansk region.

The defense Ministry stated that the purpose of the Donetsk militants is a humanitarian and environmental disaster 26.11.2016

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