The defense Ministry published a picture of the drone that attacked the Russian military base in Syria

In the defense Ministry published a photograph of a homemade drone, which Syria tried to attack the Russian base in Tartus and Mamimi, write «RIA Novosti».

Shows three Russian military drone is damaged slightly, from three were only fragments. The UAV is made of boards and plywood. They are wrapped with tape and green polyethylene, which stick out over the wire.

January 3, the newspaper «Kommersant» wrote that the attack by saboteurs on the base Hamim was destroyed four front-line bomber su-24, two multi-purpose fighter su-35S and military transport aircraft An-72. The publication wrote that after being hit by a mortar shell detonated the ammunition depot.

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation recognized that the attack of saboteurs on December 31 was, but the loss of planes denied. Two soldiers were killed in the mine explosion, said the Russian defense Ministry.

A group of independent investigators Conflict Intelligence Team found out that on the same day in Syria has wrecked the Russian Mi-24 helicopter, killing two pilots.

4 January, the Russian war correspondent Roman Sapojnikov published photos of the bomber su-24M Russian air base in Syria Hamim, who received damage during the bombardment.

In the night of 5 to January 6 in Syria thwarted an attempt to attack Russian military targets with 13 drones.

9 January, «Kommersant», citing military sources reported that the attack on the Thai police was able to organize the fighters of «Ahrar al-sham» – the Union of the Islamist Salafist brigades United for the war against the army of the Syrian government.

The Deputy head of the defense Committee of the Federation Council of Russia Franz Klintsevich said that the attempt to attack the Russian airbase Hamim involved American intelligence agencies, because without their help it is impossible to Finance the operation, to solve technical issues and get accessories.

The press service of the defense Ministry in Facebook said that not talking about involvement in the attack of any country.

«Although only in order to program the controllers of the UAV aircraft type and the dumping of munitions in the GPS, you must have a decent engineering school one of the developed countries. And to get the exact coordinates on the basis of space exploration is not for everyone under force», – stressed in the defense Ministry.

The defense Ministry published a picture of the drone that attacked the Russian military base in Syria 10.01.2018

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