The defense Ministry paid for the funeral of 1,000 troops in four years

From 2013 to 2016, the Russian defense Ministry has repaid the funeral expenses of over a thousand active military personnel and citizens, passing military gathering.

It follows from the data that the Ministry has provided in response to an official request of the Russian Agency RBC.

Based on the response, on these purposes it has been spent no more than 52.3 million RUB This estimate is obtained taking into account the information of the Ministry of defense that in 2013-2016 for the burial of military personnel, military retirees and veterans was made not more than 20.9 billion rubles, while the share of expenses on burial of existing servicemen and citizens called up for military training who have died in military service (military training) or died as the result of injury or illness «does not exceed 0,25%».

Thus, the bulk of the funeral expenses came to pay for the funeral of the great Patriotic war veterans and military retirees.

The Agency estimated annually from 2013 to 2015, the defense Ministry paid for the funeral, about 250 military personnel and the participants. In 2016, the budget includes funds for the funeral of 277 active-duty military.

Defense Ministry statistics on losses published for the last time in 2009. According to the data, in 2008, lost 471 servicemen, half of whom had committed suicide. The following year, the Prosecutor General of Russia reported that in 2009, the army has killed 478 people.

After that, none of the agencies did not publish data on the deaths of soldiers in the army for five years.

According to the Russian Treasury, for the article on compensation for the funeral expenses of the Ministry of defense spent 5.4 mln. in 2013 and RUB 4.8 billion in 2014, and in 2015 – more than 10 times 6 billion.

The Agency notes that this figure in the open part of the budget. In fact, spending was higher, up to 5 billion rubles annually, and most of them took place on «closed» sections, to the reply of the Department of defense.

According to a member of the presidential Council on human rights Sergey Krivenko, for the period from 2014 to mid-2015 in the Russian army killed 150 people. The expert agrees that the real figure of military casualties could be twice.

Krivenko also said that half of the discovered they are the victims of war in 2014-2015, most likely related to losses during the «Ukrainian campaign».

«The relatives did not disclose the place and circumstances of death, there was no clear information on the inspection the investigators or the military Prosecutor’s office of the facts of death» – says the expert.

In defense of rising funeral costs explain the annual indexation of tariffs on ritual services and the installation and manufacture of tombstones. In addition, the effect of growing the rate of foreign currency purchased to pay for burial of military pensioners and participants of the great Patriotic war living in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

We will remind, in 2015, it was reported that the families of the victims of the Russian military in the Donbass has received 3 million rubles for silence and gave a subscription about nondisclosure.

Also, the media reported that the official data on the number of Russian soldiers killed during operations in Syria, much reduced: in Syria for a long time fought the soldiers of the de jure non-existent private military company (PMC), composed of hundreds of Russian officers.

The defense Ministry paid for the funeral of 1,000 troops in four years 23.11.2016

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