The defense Ministry denied reports about the Russian air strikes on human settlements in Idlib

The Russian aircraft did not strike at the settlements of Syria, said the official representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, commenting on reports about the attacks on towns and villages in Idlib province, says the Agency «Interfax».

According to him, statements by the Syrian Observatory for human rights «traditionally unsubstantiated and serve as an «information cover» the actions of militants «an-Nusra» and joined her groups.»

Konashenkov said that in recent days, the Russian air group inflicted 10 hits on terrorist targets in Idlib province. According to him, we are talking about are located away from settlements and underground bases, field warehouses, armoured vehicles, rocket launchers and workshops to equip «gigajoule».

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that the aircraft Russia and Syria has caused over the last week, more than 1,100 airstrikes in 45 districts of the provinces of Hama and Idlib, killing at least 360 civilians were killed and injured.

According to the Russian research group Conflict Intelligence Team, at least one blow to Russian aviation in the Syrian province of Idlib was done this week on civilian targets at a considerable distance from the front line. It is noted that the victims of air strikes in Idlib province, there were 22 civilians.

The military conflict in Syria lasts since 2011. The fighting involved government forces, the opposition, radical Islamists, Kurds and other forces. Large parts of Syria controlled by the militants of the «Islamic state».

In September 2014 operation start against ISIL coalition led by the United States. In September 2015 to conflict joined Russia. In March 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of the main Russian forces from the country, but aviation group Russia continues to inflict strikes on the positions of forces opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

4 April 2017 in Khan Sheyhun the result of a chemical attack killed 87 residents, including 31 children under the age of 18 years and 20 women. Independent international Commission on investigation of events in Syria, UN agencies said that in Idlib, was used sarin or its equivalent.

The defense Ministry denied reports about the Russian air strikes on human settlements in Idlib 26.09.2017

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