The defense attacked the journalist of Ukraine requested to mitigate the charges against him

Protection of Boris grits, which is 23 October 2017 attacked the journalist of radio station «Echo of Moscow» Tatiana Felgengauer, asked the investigators to change the incriminated article with attempted murder and inflicting grievous bodily harm. Comments about this channel «Rain» said the lawyer Igor Zuber.

According to him, he and his colleague Valentin Rybicki sent the request after studying the case materials.

«This is due to the fact that the investigation ignored the insights of psychological-psychiatric examination, at the conclusion of which the grits declared insane and could not in the course of actions to realize the actual nature and social danger of his actions and control them due to painful States of mind,» said the defense.

Zuber also reminded that in accordance with the explanations of the Supreme court in the decision of the Plenum of 27 January 1999 «About court practice on Affairs about murder» States that attempt at murder is possible only with direct intent, that is, when «the offense testified that the guilty realised public danger of his actions (inaction), foresaw the possibility or inevitability of death of other person and wished its approach».

23 Oct 2017 grits broke into the office of radio station «Echo of Moscow» and hit Felgenhauer with a knife in neck area. The assailant was detained by the security guard of the radio station and referred it to law enforcement.

Felgenhauer operated.

Grits said that the journalist several years «sexually harassed» him with telepathy.

Russia’s investigative Committee has opened a case of attempted murder.

The grits have appointed psychiatric examination. Artist and psychiatrist Andrey Bilzho believes that the attacker is faking mental disorder.

November 2, Felgenhauer was discharged from the hospital. On 6 November, she returned to the air.

In January 2018 have grits was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The defense attacked the journalist of Ukraine requested to mitigate the charges against him 27.02.2018

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