The defendant Gretskogo «decimated» by the madman, argue to the GPU

The mediator in the case of a member of the High Council of justice Paul Grekivska, who is suspected of fraud, has stated that slandered the latter due to a mental disorder.

It is reported by the Prosecutor General’s office.

On the stage of completion of pretrial investigation, the mediator was hospitalized in Zhitomir oblast psychiatric hospital No. 1 of Zhytomyr regional Council with an uncertain diagnosis.

«After that colleague Gretskogo «roams» from one medical institution to another, and claims that allegedly slandered the latter due to a painful condition, svyazannogo with mental disorders,» — said the Prosecutor’s office.

Now at the initiative of the protector to the specified person by the court appointed forensic psychiatric examination.

The Prosecutor General believes that such procedural conduct of the defence caused by the illegal influence «one suspect to another, and is nothing but an attempt to avoid them of criminal liability.»

It was recalled that the is carried out pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on suspicion of the current members of the Supreme Council of justice Grekivska and his accomplice (the mediator appropriation of funds) under part 3 of article 15, part 4 St. 190 (fraud committed in especially large sizes) the criminal code of Ukraine.

Recall, a member of the High Council of justice Pavel Greczkowski was arrested for «vymogatelstva for illegal influence on judicial decision.»

The high Council of justice refused to remove Grekivska from office. The court chose Grechishnoye of restraint in the form of a Deposit in the amount of 3 850 000 UAH.

Earlier it was reported that Greczkowski and Deputy head of the Supreme economic court Arthur Emelyanov, are co-owners of protected land on the island of Zhukov in Kiev, and is also close to the people’s Deputy from «Blok Petro Poroshenko Alexander Granovsky and dealt with issues related to the economic court.

Granovsky says that not familiar with Greczkowski.

The defendant Gretskogo «decimated» by the madman, argue to the GPU 26.01.2017

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