The defence appealed the arrest of the former «azovets» Tsertsvadze, who is wanted by Russia

Protection ex-the fighter the shelf «Azov» GII Tsertsvadze, who was detained by Interpol, appealed against his arrest, said the lawyer Ksenia Prokonova.

«We filed the complaint before the end of the day, the Kyiv court of Appeals will set a date for its consideration,» she said at a press conference on Monday, January 23, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Prokonova said that her client was made to the Interpol database on 23 December 2016, the Russian side it imputes the Commission of a crime on the territory of the Russian Federation.

«On the 15th of January, he crossed the border of Ukraine and were detained at the airport «Zhulyany». He is charged with committing murder, in Russia, this article suggests the death penalty… (Murder) allegedly committed in 2003, when it in Russia was not» — said the lawyer.

«If it will, then hope for a fair trial where he will not have to. We are afraid of what he would face either torture, or even get lost in the vastness of this country. We believe that all the charges politically motivated, aimed at Stripping people relevant to the events in Georgia on 8 August 2008,» the lawyer added.

Prokonova also noted that the regiment «Azov», «Gia was not just the military, and held a fairly high position, had some access to state secrets, and presents a specific threat.»

The defender noted that Ukraine has the legal ability not to give Tsertsvadze.

«It’s either refugee status or citizenship, or article 11 of the European Convention on extradition — if a person is in his country could face the death penalty, extradition of such person is not conducted», — said the lawyer.

Prokonova also informed that the state has 40 days to ex-traditional checking.

As reported, Tsertsvadze was arrested on 15 January in the capital airport «Zhulyany», then the Solomensky district court of Kiev has applied to it a temporary arrest for 40 days.

According to the Prosecutor General, Tsertsvadze was declared wanted by the Russian Federation on charges of murder and attempted murder committed in 2003 in the city of Sochi. «However, during the trial the lawyer of the detainee verbally reported that her client was fighting in the East of Ukraine on the side of Ukrainian volunteer forces, and accusations of the Russian side against him are fabricated and political in nature. Given this, the Prosecutor’s office initiated the review in relation to the veracity of the information about his participation in the ATO, which now takes place in close interaction with the defendant,» — said in the message.

The Prosecutor’s office indicate that the established practice of non-extradition to another country if it might endanger their lives and health.

«In the case of confirmation of information about the participation in the fighting in Eastern Ukraine as part of the volunteer forces of the aggressor country will be denied that person», — is spoken in the message.

The defence appealed the arrest of the former «azovets» Tsertsvadze, who is wanted by Russia 23.01.2017

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