The decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the dispute with «Gazprom» positive for Ukraine, but victory is not one – Ryabtsev

Due to the fact that Ukraine has not officially declared war, the fighting in the East of the country, the Stockholm arbitration court could make «Naftogaz» to pay «Gazprom» gas supplies to the occupied territory of Donbass, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the expert in the energy sector Gennady Ryabtsev.

«Arbitration and the arbitration not to award victory to any of the parties. That is one of the issues he supports the first, others second. Of course, no arbitration would not satisfy the requirement of «Gazprom» on payment to him of $56 billion for failure to comply with the principle of «take or pay». It was a worthless politically motivated demand. The same applies to the requirements necessary to buy 52 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Personally, I have no doubt that these requirements of «Gazprom» will leave unsatisfied. That can be attributed to the victory? «Gazprom» wanted to «Naftogaz» paid for the supply of resources in the occupied territory. Theoretically, the arbitration could go towards the Russians, given that we have an ATO, not a war. And officially these territories are not occupied are considered. But the arbitration has taken into account the fact that Ukraine does not control these territories and the checkpoints,» – said Ryabtsev.

According to him, Ukraine will buy from Gazprom to 5 billion cubic meters of gas.

«As for the payment for Russian gas consumed in the second quarter of 2014, the Tribunal set a price of $352 per cubic meter. While we were paying of $268.5. And most likely, Ukraine will have to pay extra. Arbitration also determined that next year we will have to buy from «Gazprom» at least 5 billion cubic meters of gas. Therefore, we cannot say that we have stopped buying gas from Russia. Overall, of course, the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the dispute with «Gazprom» positive for Ukraine, but victory is not one of them. See also, what will be the solution for transit,» – said Ryabtsev.

May 31 it became known that the Stockholm arbitration court has satisfied the key requirements of the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» in a dispute with Gazprom: the condition «take or pay» abolished; the ban on re-export is cancelled; the price formula for gas is revised in 2014. In «Gazprom» the decision called intermediate.

December 22 «Naftogaz» declared victory over «Gazprom» on all contentious issues of gas supply contract. In the Ukrainian company said that the requirements of the Russian side regarding the terms «take or pay» in the amount of $56 billion completely rejected. According to «Naftogaz» required annual volume of gas reduced more than 10 times. Stockholm arbitration Tribunal ruled that Naftogaz should not have to pay for gas, which «Gazprom» ostensibly set in the occupied Donbass to any other person, in addition to «Naftogaz».

At the same time in «Gazprom» stated that the Stockholm arbitration court recognized the applicable basic provisions of the contract for the supply of gas from Russia to Ukraine and met most of the demands of «Gazprom» about payment of the delivered gas. The company said that the final decision the court obliged «Naftogaz» to pay the amount of arrears in the amount of $2 billion and interest for late payment (0,03% per every day from December 22 this year).

Chairman of the Board «Naftogaz» Andrew KOBOLEV said that the final amount calculations between NAK «Naftogaz Ukraine» and PJSC «Gazprom» will be known after the adoption by the Stockholm arbitration on 28 February 2018 solutions for the transit contract.

The decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the dispute with «Gazprom» positive for Ukraine, but victory is not one – Ryabtsev 25.12.2017

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