The debt of Ukrainians for housing and utility services in December 2016 increased by 26%

The debt of Ukraine’s population for housing and communal services in December 2016 increased by 26% compared to November and amounted to 20,175 billion.

As reported by the State statistics service, data are presented excluding the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Sevastopol and part of the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the East of Ukraine. Data for Donetsk and Lugansk regions can be updated.

According to state statistics, in General in December 2016, the Ukrainians paid for housing and utility services 7,942 billion, which accounted for 63.8% of the assessed during this month amount.

Overall for the year 2016 the people of Ukraine paid for zhilkomuslugi 60,053 billion (82,8% accrued during this period amounts), which is 23.6% more than in 2015 (the level of payment was 95,4%).

The highest level of payment zhilkomuslug in December 2016 fixed in Rivne (of 105.4% with account of repayment of debts of previous periods), Chernigov (97,0%) and Vinnytsia (94.4 per cent) regions, the lowest – in the Transcarpathian (42,2%), Luhansk (46,5%) and Dnipropetrovsk (53,4%). At the same time in Kiev, the level of payment was 58.5%.

Average charges for housing and utility services in the country on a one owner account consumption of electricity (150 kWh) in December 2016 increased by UAH 400,4 (or 34.6%) compared to November – up to 1,557 thousand.

According to the state statistics service, in January-December 2016 year concluded with a population of 36.1 thousand contracts on repayment of the restructured debt for housing and utility services for a total amount of 165 million UAH.

Earlier it was reported that the debt of the inhabitants of the occupied Lugansk on payment of housing services is about 46 million.

Note, the government plans to adopt a decision according to which all apartment houses will pay for heat according to the meters, even if the counter is not installed. The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said Wednesday during the opening session of the government.

According to him, in the absence of meter will be applied the average value of c of those houses where the meters are.

From 1 July NKREKU doubled the tariffs for heat energy and Central heating for the population.

Bills for heat with excessive amounts that the some people of Kiev, was the result of an error and will be counted, said Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Kistion, who was apprised of the situation on behalf of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

The debt of Ukrainians for housing and utility services in December 2016 increased by 26% 31.01.2017

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