The death of SS men on the front lines of residues, says Lysenko

Upon the death of soldiers on the front line 11 June is an official investigation.

This was at the briefing on Monday 13 June, said the representative of presidential Administration of the ATO Andrei Lysenko, answering questions of journalists, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

«The fact that all the losses, we are talking about, it is officially confirmed. Including about the enemy… We are from operational sources that are credible, get information about their dead and wounded», – he explained the absence of losses in official reports.

«Everything about the incident the day before yesterday… about this, as I was transferred from the General staff, now there is an investigation – how can people not belonging to the Armed forces of Ukraine, without permission, were at the forefront,» – said Lysenko.

At the same time, the Colonel added, «every Ukrainian, who with arms in hand, defending their Homeland, killed, is a real Hero.»

Previously volunteers reported that the shelling from fighters the building of the mine Butovka Donetsk partially collapsed under the rubble 4 people died, 10 soldiers from the composition of the DUK «Right sector» wounded. The commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps «Right sector» Andrew Stanecki released callsigns of dead and photo: Hutsul, Doc (paramedic Robert Masla), Legat and Yarik.

The death of SS men on the front lines of residues, says Lysenko 13.06.2016

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