The Daily Beast.Three years later, the Ukrainians say that the revolution betrayed

«Three years ago the Ukrainians decided that they would not longer be tolerated in power a gang of crooks and liars, and during the street uprisings, the center of which was the Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in Kiev, was ousted by the leader of the country. President Viktor Yanukovych ignominiously fled to Russia, leaving Ukraine in the flame of what later was called the Revolution of dignity,» recalls Anna Nemtsova, a correspondent for The Daily Beast.

«Today new liars and crooks lead the Ukrainians into a frenzy, and the new hideous crime injure this great European country, which borders Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and, Yes, Russia. This border Moscow is determined to move», — is spoken in article.

«To mark the anniversary of the revolution, several thousand people flood into Central Kiev on Monday. Police sirens screamed throughout the city. Hundreds of army and police units blocked the streets around the square and checked every bag and purse, brought by pedestrians into the square», says the journalist.

«The opposition promised to burn the tires, the revolution continues» — with a smile explained Nemcova, one of the officers.

Around 14:00 more than 500 activists of the extreme right of the battalion «Azov» marched to the headquarters of the presidential administration and then to the reception of the public Prosecutor, which was established as symbolic tombstones, pieces of marble with the inscription «the People buried for the cause of independence.» Night the protesters started to burn tires. Press Secretary of «Right sector» Artem Skoropadsky said it planned to destroy the office of the oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk. «He’s one of the traitors of Ukraine, he lives in Moscow, works for Putin, so at least we need to punish him,» said Skoropadsky. Later, the office was indeed set on fire. While firefighters extinguished the fire, came the news that hit the glass child branch of the Russian Sberbank.

Nemtsov says: «apparently, the Day of freedom and dignity seemed to have lost some illusions Ukrainians a good time for revenge. According to them, they are tired of waiting for better times. Reforms were too slow, the government took too many bribes.»

«People want success stories, implementation of new laws, punishment of criminals, but progress has stopped and it is only a beautiful facade — we can barely push through at least some of our ideas», — said the expert group «Reanimation package of reforms» Elena Salad.

However, «many progressive minds in Ukraine hope that their country may not immediately, but it will succeed with the reforms and develop its democratic institutions,» reports Nemtsov.

«If not for the success of our democratic revolution, I would have been today in prison, there would be no investigative journalism, no anti-corruption organizations, and Advisor to [former campaign Manager] trump by Paul Manafort was friends with President Yanukovych, — said the chief editor, Hromadske International’s Nataliya Gumenyuk. — So today let’s celebrate and have fun. Three years ago we managed to catch the last train of the democratic revolution.»

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The Daily Beast.Three years later, the Ukrainians say that the revolution betrayed 22.11.2016

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